These are some of the best blogs to read about positive thinking and building optimism for better wellbeing and an overall happier life. Being more positive helps us to handle negative scenarios more positively.

Power of Positivity –

This blog celebrates the lifestyle of positive thinking and keeping an open mind with positivity. They provide great advice on how to have a more optimistic attitude towards life and how to spread positivity to others. This blog provides up to 3 posts per day.

Positive Psychology News –

This blog covers topics on health, money, mindfulness, habits, sports, spirituality, strengths, decision-making, optimism, and positive thinking. They provide the latest news about happiness and the science of happiness. The articles are written by alumni students at the Master of Applied Positive Programs and also by guest authors in Psychology. The blog posts new articles up to 2 times a month.

Success Consciousness –

The articles on this blog are highly motivating and focus on improving positivity, growth, happiness, meditations, mindfulness, and relationships. The author of the blog is Remez Sasson, he writes from his personal experience and has a wide focus on the practical side of things.

Positive Words Research –

Positive Words Research publishes information on the benefits of using positive language in our daily lives, and the importance thereof. The blog provides a great selection of articles to educate people on the benefits of positive words and provide their readers with the best tools to make long-lasting positive changes in their life.