Optimism in Gambling

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Delusional optimism can be the worst quality in gambling and is found in many pathological gamblers. With much research done into the matter, there are some ways to use optimism to one’s advantage when gambling. Optimism is a feature found in many pathological gamblers.

As optimism can be seen as a positive aspect in life, it can be negative in some cases, especially looking at gambling. Being biased with optimism lets you believe you are less likely to be affected by negative happenings, and instead believe the best things will happen regardless of negative points.

Optimism bias can be found in many cases, including with smoking cigarettes.Some smokers just don’t believe that anything will happen to them due to the negative health factors involved. This can be found in many other areas including gambling and alcoholism.

Feeling positive about being in control can improve your optimistic outlook more than normal. As an example,many people feel there is less chance of a car accident when they are driving the vehicle instead of another individual.

Betting gives a player the feeling of being in control of their winnings and betting options. Thus, can sadly create many negative aspects to losing money by staying optimistic in winning back losses and believing the big win will happen eventually. Because of this, it is a good idea to always remember you are not in control of winnings and can lose or win. It is a game of chance and not something that can be achieved with talent or skills.

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